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Activities & Courses offer

The Nordman Network arranges several network activities, such as intensive courses, seminars and conferences. Beside the network's activities, the partner schools in the Nordman network offer a range of courses 

Intensive courses

According to the Nordplus initiative an intensive course is a short module of no less than five working days. The participating teachers and students are to represent not less than three Nordic countries. The intensive courses have been popular, much appreciated, and shown good results. Living together for a whole week resulted in deeper discussions and exchange of experiences.

The network has organized ten courses so far:


Seminars and conferences

The Nordman network has arranged network conferences and teacher seminars to develop the cooperation within the network. These full week seminars/conferences have, so far, taken place at two occasions. The aim has been to further enhance the activities of the network.

Participants at the Metochi seminar in 2003.

The seminar in Grimstad, autumn 2005, focused on developing the understanding the Nordic nursing and health care training from a cultural comparative perspective. Also methods of understanding yourself and others were a central topic at the seminar.

The seminar in autumn 2003, took place in Metochi. This time three students also participated. The focus was on developing an elective course module, common for the different participating institutions (eight at that time).The documents from the Grimstad and Metochi seminars are in Scandinavian.


For more information about activities that the network arranges, please follow our news page or contact us.